In this section i would like to present, promote, support the “Incredible You” programme that i personally went through with my transformation mentor “ARFEEN KHAN” who has created a miraculous system to rapidly transform lives of individuals and help them overcome some common and silly but difficult to overcome obstacles such as health problems, relationship problems, financial issues, addiction, fear, hesitation, ignorance, lack of awareness e.t.c. I say common and silly because there are very few means and resources available in the society that has such potential to rapidly transform our lives from such obstacles and for people who do not come across such tool, resources and means IT TAKES LIFETIMES AND STILL THEY ARE UNABLE TO TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES. They know they are facing these problems but still they don’t know how to overcome them and neither there are resources in the society that aide in transforming their lives to something MORE CREATIVE!

ARFEEN KHAN is one such person who provides such means, resources and tools to help people rapidly transform their lives and unlock the hidden potential. I personally consider ARFEEN KHAN as a Philanthropist as he spent 25 years of his life in doing something in which he is able to help people flourish in all aspects of life and through out the journey he kept sacrificing a lot of time and energy in building a system that gives some invaluable tools, resources, and ways through which a person can built a strong foundation to blossom in life.

I achieved many breakthrough by undergoing this programme that i was not able to achieve during the entire education process right from the school days until i completed my medical education. ARFEEN KHAN has inspired me to do the same in other people’s life through Transformation Coaching. I not just believe this system but i also have experienced the tremendous potential of this system. The only necessary ingredient thats necessary in the beginning is the WILLINGESS OF A PERSON TO TRANSFORM HIS LIFE FROM ALL THE OBSTACLES TO UNLIMITED POTENTIAL!ONCE THERE IS WILLINGNESS THERE IS NO LIMIT TO GROWTH AND SUCCESS IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE!


When we talk about TRANSFORMATION, we always think of CHANGE side by side and there is always a tendency for us to mix up these 2 things.

Change is a temporary state of mind and transformation is a long term state of being. When we change there is still a possibility to go back to your previous state, but when we say we have transformed this means we have reached a certain state of mind where we are at our best, with our true self, and completely attuned and integrated with the real world.

It is but obvious when we want to change we do not like our present state which is the reason we want to change certain situation. But when we develop the desire to transform then we decide and commit ourselves to live the true life we desire, wherein we are completely integrated to the real world and make sense of our purpose of living and realize the possibilities and potential of our life as a human being and life our life accordingly! Transformation is a state where we have decided that no matter no longer will we live a life of misery and suffering as that is not what our life is meant for. Transformation is a state where we have decided that we no longer will my life be an obstacle to other person’s growth, happiness, joy and pleasantness as we realize that the other person is merely a mirror of myself and we are all made up from the same elements of nature and going to disintegrate one day into the same elements.

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