What Should I do to protect myself from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a zoonotic infection(infection that humans acquire from animals), in this case either bat or pangolins(endangered species of china). Bats’ and Pangolins immune system is stronger than human immune system. So if the virus has to enter bats or pangolins immune system the virus has to multiply and become more virulent in doing so it becomes well equipped to invade bats’ bodies. The infected bats’ when consumed by human as food become the entry route into human body system. Human immune system being weaker and virus being stronger one. It takes long time for human immune cells to fight against the virus and therefore increasing the morbidity and mortality. Mortality more so in people who are immune-compromised such as elderly, premature infants and babies, and diseased people who have acquired illnesses like Diabetes. Following are the things one should do to protect themselves from coronavirus. .

1. First thing for us is to make our immune system stronger. Simply taking sufficient rest of 8 to 10 hours can help the body to prevent from Coronavirus infections

2. Consuming proper and balanced diet especially fruits and salads so as not to fall prey to the infection. Drinking hot soups and hot water daily several times helps in ensure good protection as hot environment is not suitable for the virus to grow consuming hot fluids can restrict the growth of virus.

3. Basic hygiene of washing hands after handling unknown objects or person.

4. Whenever possible take sunbath, heat reduces the multiplication of virus.

5. Wearing protection devices like face masks and gloves when necessary.

6. Avoid going to crowded public places and transportation.

7. Gain sufficient knowledge about this virus infection and discuss it with some health professional so as to acquire good practical perspective about this infection.

8. For sure to avoid travelling to countries that can make you vulnerable to acquiring this infection.