Involving In The Process Of Life

Everything in this cosmos is perfectly aligned in it’s own way. In this human life nature gifted us the mind and body to experience the entire cosmos provided we are ready and receiving what the cosmos is offering us. And realizing that the human experience is the most precious gift that we have been presented by the cosmos is key to being at the receiving end and open the doors to the cosmos.

Our job in the ongoing process of life is simply to keep our mind and body aligned with the cosmos and involve completely in the moment. This moment is where the magic is happening. This moment is where the play of entire creation is taking place. This moment has a universal mind of it’s own and we are part of this magical moment and not any separate entity. Only when we realize that we are part of this divine play we will be able to execute ourselves correctly in this huge ongoing process of life.

Involving or executing ourselves, means involving or executing our mind and body, and generally speaking the energy that we have been bestowed upon. Involving or Executing our life energies towards the universal process of life will make us one with the cosmos.

So in this way we are aligned with the cosmos and respond right for sure in all the life situations.

I Want To Live

A young, ambitious, handsome and attractive, tremendously innocent with heart, a healer with his smile, Actor Sushant Singh Rajput an inspiration to many, passed away, most likely believed to have committed a suicide. What a tragic moment! The actor said I dont to live, took his life and shocked entire India. I wish there was some one to ask this young chap and at least he would have asked his own self “why dont you want to live?” I relate to this actor by his successful movie “Kedarnath”. Superb role of a sacrificing hero! This wish of mine will not be fulfilled as we all know the reality! Sushant Singh Rajput choose to leave versus to live.

His brilliant character in real life apart from his professional life, the true hero that he was will always remain in our hearts and minds.

Are We Really Available In A Relationship?

Two most important elements that’s determine the quality of our lives are:

No. 1 How we manage our thoughts and emotions and our life holistically! 

No. 2 How are our relationship with our close, near and dear ones, friends, colleagues and other humans beings in the surroundings! In this article we will be talking purely about our relationship with fellow near and dear ones and other individuals.

I would like to share a story about my personal deep realization about what it truly means to be available in a relationship!

I have always been relating myself with others mostly through emotions and little of thinking but for sure with being absolute non-judgemental, call it becoming attached to someone, call it becoming over caring about someone, or call it becoming too intimidating! This to me was a very vulnerable but an intense and a compassionate way of living my life. This also turned out to be one major reason why I choose to become a physician. But to realize what I have just written it took a lot of reading and self-observation. I always did so and am doing it at present also but now this is more conscious process unlike before when it was spontaneous and inadvertent. As I became more and more conscious in relationships it made me realize that to fulfill other persons real needs it requires more than just complete mental and physical presence, it requires one to understand other persons life situation, state of mind, nature and other tendencies to become  available to the other person. Once at least one of the person become genuinely available in a relationship with such absolute mental and physical presence it leads to a very healthy and a joyful relationship. Just the awareness of becoming available in a relationship is such a life transforming way of living that we would never have to suffer or become miserable ever again, because when we become aware we start transcending ourselves to an optimal level of awareness in which there is complete joy and bliss. We will never have to expect any one to be available when we ourselves are available in a relationship regardless of other persons state of mind, beliefs, ideas and approach in a relationship.

As I mentioned it took a lot of reading and self-observation to reach this state of awareness but eventually all my efforts to cultivate this awareness about becoming available in a relationship turned out to be fruitful and transformed my inner self to a more joyful and blissful state because I know how much available I am in any relationship.


Human Consciousness or Awareness/Inadvertent behavior & Human Strength/Weaknesses or limitations are being tested during this difficult time by the nature.

Let’s look at today’s latest statistics about coronavirus cases all around the world starting december 2019 till today. NUMBER OF PEOPLE AFFECTED- 341561 NUMBER OF PEOPLE RECOVERED- 99040 NUMBER OF PEOPLE DIED- 14748 China, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Iran and USA being at highest morbidity and mortality rates among all.

What are the 5 health determinants that reflects a person’s health?

1. Environment condition

2. Literacy rate

3. Social status of an individual

4. Economic status of an individual

5. Person’s individual characteristics and behaviour

In coronavirus outbreak, inappropriate environment conditions, and individual person’s characteristics and behavior are the major determinants that lead to this outbreak and later on after the pandemic situation other determinants combined with these 2 top determinants determined the morbidity and mortality among people.

Our ecosystem is in synchrony with the living and non-living things on this earth. Coronavirus outbreak reflects there is a imbalance in this ecosystem. If we look at the immense numbers of people affected and died due to this virus, it definitely invites us to rethink our ways of living. Although we know from the past infections like SARS and NIPA virus outbreaks that this virus is also zoonotic in nature, we are not actually able to point out the source of infection. If we observe in this outbreak developed nations has a high morbidity and mortality as compared to the developing nations which is quite unusual and worrisome. Despite so much of advancement in all round development we are unable to save people from dying. Death of 14000 people for a silly reason is unaffordable.

Another concern that is being raised is future environmental health hazards due to our inadvertent way of living. We really need to brainstorm our ways of living that could be hazardous to us and make necessary changes to ensure our future safety against these disease. Best preparedness against future hazard will be when we don’t ignore and ensure basic environmental and human requirements for optimal living. Adding to this also when we prioritize them above business and greedy growth by inadvertently ignoring the basics. How can we climb the 5th step of the stairs by ignoring the 1st one? Doing so we let ourselves to injuries by falling down.

This pandemic reflects how we are all connected by nature despite all the individual differences bases of religion, caste, creed, likes and dislikes e.t.c that we have built in our minds. This time also gives us an opportunity to realize how our individual action or inaction can affect others tremendously in positive or a negative way. Its indeed nature’s call live a highly conscious life and remove all the indifferences that we intentionally or inadvertently created in our minds.

Let’s live a life of high awareness with a vision of UNITY and LOVE for each other!

Hygiene & Unhygiene, Order And Disorder

I always observe the impact of hygienic atmosphere and orderly arrangements of things in the surrounding environment on my mind. So much so that someone could mistake it for an obsession. If we connect spiritual principle to this observation, all spiritual leaders, saints and enlightened beings say whether we want it or not, the reality and truth is the moment we are born on this planet we are in a relationship. Relationship of our inner world with the external which cannot be separated by our will as it is the nature of how life is operating on earth. Therefore, whats going on in the external world impacts our inner world(mind) and vice versa. Same is true with hygiene and orderly arrangements of things in our physical environment.

What happens when I notice some dirt or garbage in my surrounding, the appearance of it, the smell of it? and how my mind is reacting to this particular situation. To the readers I would ask if they have observed this in detail, but I assume most folks’ mind would react in a similar manner. Lets say we try and divert our attention from this situation and surrounding, what happens? Still there is a inner wish that the surrounding be clean and things be orderly. And what emotions and thoughts are being generated? I guess they need not be described in detail. But what I am trying to say is every thing in the surrounding good or bad creates impact on our mind, as there are some inborn instincts that we are born with and its always nice to be aware of this instincts and live in-tuned with them for pleasant experiences in our life. Same is true for orderly things, somewhere back of our mind orderly things create a pleasant experience in our mind and unorderly things could be disturbing.

Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

Why do people choose addiction as a way of living? Does it really make people stronger? Does it give people euphoria or lets ask what do people achieve by becoming an addict?

Today, I while I was waiting for the train near the platform and studying for my exams side by side, I was forced to think about these questions when I saw a young drunk man, aggressive, and verbally fighting with 3 policeman and 1 policewoman for unknown reasons. Very soon the team knocked down the guy and handcuffed him. After they tied him on the ground a bottle of alcohol dropped out from his jacket. I saw this bottle and got compassionate for the enforcement team, the young chap and the people around.

Was the young man conscious of what he was doing and saying?

I got carried away by this sight looking at foolishness and stupidity of this young chap to rise against the law and order enforcement team for unknown reason. What could be the reason? From the way he was aggressively saying bad and insulting words to the policeman it appeared he needed the freedom to do something which the team consider inappropriate in that public place. In my past experience of my home country, when a drunk man is caught by a police personel he completely surrenders and apologize even when he is drunk. To compare the systems of a developed and developing country, the freedom given by the nation to a person in a developed nation is supreme as compared to a developing nation. This freedom when unconsciously and consciously misused due to addiction reasons or egocentric ideas, leads to all the rubbish thoughts and emotions like anger, frustration, hatred, enemity, etc etc etc, and as a consequence fights, conflicts and continuous friction among people. Probably it was the same situation here, where this chap had misued his freedom inadvertently. What we can observe is consuming alcohol, drugs or smoking has tendencies to become completely unaware and aquire inappropriate and illusionary ways of living wherein a person gets dismantled from the real world of living such as the example here.

This scene was a little disturbing so I thought to pen it down to transform my experience into a beautiful one.

Health & Performance

Good health have 2 components. One is optimum physical condition and another is psychological. Everyone knows and realizes how important it is to keep our physical body in good condition for longetivity. This health consciousness has been running through many many generations and we can still remember how our ancestors use to do home remedies for common illnesses. Some of us even practice these home remedies till date. In comparison, this contemporary time being so advance in science and technology most folks are super conscious about physical health. However, psychological health is ignored and not realized by most as one key factor to our peak performance in whatever we do and our longetivity.

The question is how can psychological health determine our performace and affect different areas of our life?

For us to function at our best we require a complete synchrony between our mind and body. A good comparison of mind and body is with computer setup, where monitor screen is the body and the CPU is the mind. If CPU that guides and intructs what to display on screen doesnot give right instrutions all the wierd things will start popping up on the computer screen. The wierd things here could be related to the diseases that manifest over the period of time in body. So we can corelate how strange appearance of things on screen has deep rooted issues in the CPU. It is also possible that there is something wrong in the screen, this wronghappening in the screen can be compared to the genetic diseases and physical disabilities manifested due to some physical trauma like a vehicular accident.

Mind is a very complex element of our life as it has so many aspects. Body is well tuned with life, so we need not worry much about it as it follows obediently what the mind says. But handling mind is triky. The process of synchronizing mind with the body requires some efforts. Once we achieve a state where our mind is attend to body we become more integrated. In this integrity there is energy, focus, creativity and intelligence. After establishing this rhythm between the mind and body we have formed a good foundation for performing or living life to the fullest.


What is health?

Generally speaking if a person’s physical body is in optimal condition and he remains in pleasant states of mind most of the times then we can call that person a healthy person. WHO defines Health as “a complete state of physical and mental well being and not mere absence of any illness or disease”.
There are several common factors that contribute to a person’s health. The condition of physical body, how pleasant a person’s psychological state is most of the times, education level of a person, economic status of the person, how are the relationships of that person with his family, neighbours, friends, colleagues and other people in the surroundings, the environment in which a person lives also plays a significant role in keeping us healthy.