Mind- The Creator

This post is especially written to enhance our awareness and becoming more and more conscious of the nature our mind to create.

At first it’s important to ask ourselves few questions that will lead us to this elevated consciousness level.

1. Are we creating our life situations based on the inner direction of will and clear desire? or our mind is simply reacting to the environmental influences?

2. Is our mind taking instructions from our inner will and desire or its mechanically reacting to the environmental influences?

When we ask these critical questions to ourselves we will realize most of the times our mind is reacting mechanically to the environmental interactions whether with some person or an object. We are conscious at initial stage but this consciousness does not continuously remain with ourselves until and unless we are putting a lot of physical and mental efforts to remain conscious of how we behave in the social atmosphere.

Observing our mind we will also know how our mind is a big creator. It has the capacity to recall and recreate from the past that which is in memory again in front of our eyes and also that which does not exist in present or in future with the help of its imaginative power. As far as the mind is intuned with the reality and obeys instructions from our inner self all the creations from this stable, still, serene, calm, and peaceful mind will be in elevated consciousness levels and perfectly aligned. However, if the mind is working independently of the consciousness then all the beautiful creations from the mind will make us miserable.

Whatever we see through our mind it’s our own creation. Once we realize this we will create only that which is truly valuable to us and overcome all the chaos that we might create by scattering our time and energies in doing multiple things that are not our top priority.

A question that might come to our mind is why to make so many efforts to understand our Mind and raise our consciousness?

Because It is our choice to live life the way it is or understand and experience life in the deepest possible ways. Choosing to explore our mind and increasing consciousness levels so as to become more evolved man seems to be the main purpose in any persons life.

What Should I do to protect myself from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a zoonotic infection(infection that humans acquire from animals), in this case either bat or pangolins(endangered species of china). Bats’ and Pangolins immune system is stronger than human immune system. So if the virus has to enter bats or pangolins immune system the virus has to multiply and become more virulent in doing so it becomes well equipped to invade bats’ bodies. The infected bats’ when consumed by human as food become the entry route into human body system. Human immune system being weaker and virus being stronger one. It takes long time for human immune cells to fight against the virus and therefore increasing the morbidity and mortality. Mortality more so in people who are immune-compromised such as elderly, premature infants and babies, and diseased people who have acquired illnesses like Diabetes. Following are the things one should do to protect themselves from coronavirus. .

1. First thing for us is to make our immune system stronger. Simply taking sufficient rest of 8 to 10 hours can help the body to prevent from Coronavirus infections

2. Consuming proper and balanced diet especially fruits and salads so as not to fall prey to the infection. Drinking hot soups and hot water daily several times helps in ensure good protection as hot environment is not suitable for the virus to grow consuming hot fluids can restrict the growth of virus.

3. Basic hygiene of washing hands after handling unknown objects or person.

4. Whenever possible take sunbath, heat reduces the multiplication of virus.

5. Wearing protection devices like face masks and gloves when necessary.

6. Avoid going to crowded public places and transportation.

7. Gain sufficient knowledge about this virus infection and discuss it with some health professional so as to acquire good practical perspective about this infection.

8. For sure to avoid travelling to countries that can make you vulnerable to acquiring this infection.