Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

Why do people choose addiction as a way of living? Does it really make people stronger? Does it give people euphoria or lets ask what do people achieve by becoming an addict?

Today, I while I was waiting for the train near the platform and studying for my exams side by side, I was forced to think about these questions when I saw a young drunk man, aggressive, and verbally fighting with 3 policeman and 1 policewoman for unknown reasons. Very soon the team knocked down the guy and handcuffed him. After they tied him on the ground a bottle of alcohol dropped out from his jacket. I saw this bottle and got compassionate for the enforcement team, the young chap and the people around.

Was the young man conscious of what he was doing and saying?

I got carried away by this sight looking at foolishness and stupidity of this young chap to rise against the law and order enforcement team for unknown reason. What could be the reason? From the way he was aggressively saying bad and insulting words to the policeman it appeared he needed the freedom to do something which the team consider inappropriate in that public place. In my past experience of my home country, when a drunk man is caught by a police personel he completely surrenders and apologize even when he is drunk. To compare the systems of a developed and developing country, the freedom given by the nation to a person in a developed nation is supreme as compared to a developing nation. This freedom when unconsciously and consciously misused due to addiction reasons or egocentric ideas, leads to all the rubbish thoughts and emotions like anger, frustration, hatred, enemity, etc etc etc, and as a consequence fights, conflicts and continuous friction among people. Probably it was the same situation here, where this chap had misued his freedom inadvertently. What we can observe is consuming alcohol, drugs or smoking has tendencies to become completely unaware and aquire inappropriate and illusionary ways of living wherein a person gets dismantled from the real world of living such as the example here.

This scene was a little disturbing so I thought to pen it down to transform my experience into a beautiful one.

What Should I do to protect myself from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a zoonotic infection(infection that humans acquire from animals), in this case either bat or pangolins(endangered species of china). Bats’ and Pangolins immune system is stronger than human immune system. So if the virus has to enter bats or pangolins immune system the virus has to multiply and become more virulent in doing so it becomes well equipped to invade bats’ bodies. The infected bats’ when consumed by human as food become the entry route into human body system. Human immune system being weaker and virus being stronger one. It takes long time for human immune cells to fight against the virus and therefore increasing the morbidity and mortality. Mortality more so in people who are immune-compromised such as elderly, premature infants and babies, and diseased people who have acquired illnesses like Diabetes. Following are the things one should do to protect themselves from coronavirus. .

1. First thing for us is to make our immune system stronger. Simply taking sufficient rest of 8 to 10 hours can help the body to prevent from Coronavirus infections

2. Consuming proper and balanced diet especially fruits and salads so as not to fall prey to the infection. Drinking hot soups and hot water daily several times helps in ensure good protection as hot environment is not suitable for the virus to grow consuming hot fluids can restrict the growth of virus.

3. Basic hygiene of washing hands after handling unknown objects or person.

4. Whenever possible take sunbath, heat reduces the multiplication of virus.

5. Wearing protection devices like face masks and gloves when necessary.

6. Avoid going to crowded public places and transportation.

7. Gain sufficient knowledge about this virus infection and discuss it with some health professional so as to acquire good practical perspective about this infection.

8. For sure to avoid travelling to countries that can make you vulnerable to acquiring this infection.

Health & Performance

Good health have 2 components. One is optimum physical condition and another is psychological. Everyone knows and realizes how important it is to keep our physical body in good condition for longetivity. This health consciousness has been running through many many generations and we can still remember how our ancestors use to do home remedies for common illnesses. Some of us even practice these home remedies till date. In comparison, this contemporary time being so advance in science and technology most folks are super conscious about physical health. However, psychological health is ignored and not realized by most as one key factor to our peak performance in whatever we do and our longetivity.

The question is how can psychological health determine our performace and affect different areas of our life?

For us to function at our best we require a complete synchrony between our mind and body. A good comparison of mind and body is with computer setup, where monitor screen is the body and the CPU is the mind. If CPU that guides and intructs what to display on screen doesnot give right instrutions all the wierd things will start popping up on the computer screen. The wierd things here could be related to the diseases that manifest over the period of time in body. So we can corelate how strange appearance of things on screen has deep rooted issues in the CPU. It is also possible that there is something wrong in the screen, this wronghappening in the screen can be compared to the genetic diseases and physical disabilities manifested due to some physical trauma like a vehicular accident.

Mind is a very complex element of our life as it has so many aspects. Body is well tuned with life, so we need not worry much about it as it follows obediently what the mind says. But handling mind is triky. The process of synchronizing mind with the body requires some efforts. Once we achieve a state where our mind is attend to body we become more integrated. In this integrity there is energy, focus, creativity and intelligence. After establishing this rhythm between the mind and body we have formed a good foundation for performing or living life to the fullest.


Coronavirus outbreak 2020

SARS outbreak in 2002, from guangdong city of china believed to have spread from the bats affecting 8000 people across 26 countries and now coronavirus epidemic affecting 90000 people worldwide and causing more than 3000 deaths is also found to be 96% related to the bats and 99% to pangolin mammal.
Despite the fact that they reserchers have not been actually able to pinpoint the exact source of virus, coronavirus is considered to be a zoonotic virus. A study done in the university of berkely california found that bats immune system are more powerful than humans. Hence if the virus affected bats has to enter bats immune system must make itself more virulent by multiplying rapidly and other structural modifications. Once bats are affected themselves through their saliva and feces they affect other animals as well and when human come in contact with bats or animals affected by bats they also become the part of chain of victims. Human immune system being weaker than the bats and these animal’s system it could lead to high morbidity and fatality among humans. Elder people, the people who have underlying diseases like diabetes that could weaken the immune system and premature infants are at high risk of fatality after acquiring this virus
This photo taken on February 8, 2020 shows a vendor selling bats at the Tomohon Extreme Meat market on Sulawesi island, as business is booming and curious tourists keep arriving to check out exotic fare that enrages animal rights activists. – Bats, rats and snakes are still being sold at an Indonesian market known for its ‘extreme’ wildlife offerings, despite calls to take them off the menu over fears of COVID-19 coronavirus link. (Photo by Ronny Adolof Buol / AFP) (Photo by RONNY ADOLOF BUOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Coronavirus are zoonotic virus meaning they are transmitted from animals to humans. It can be presented as common cold, flulike, Coughing, breathing difficulty, and in severe cases difficulty of breathing, pneumonia, kidney failure and even death. As the virus has tendency to spread from human to human by close contact via air droplets, sneezing and coughing it is best prevented Firstly, by avoiding contact with person who may seem to be presenting like common cold. Secondly, by consumption of meat of bats, pangolins and as such any possible animal that could potentially be the source of coronavirus. Routine hygiene measures for sure can reduce prevention of coronavirus.

What is health?

Generally speaking if a person’s physical body is in optimal condition and he remains in pleasant states of mind most of the times then we can call that person a healthy person. WHO defines Health as “a complete state of physical and mental well being and not mere absence of any illness or disease”.
There are several common factors that contribute to a person’s health. The condition of physical body, how pleasant a person’s psychological state is most of the times, education level of a person, economic status of the person, how are the relationships of that person with his family, neighbours, friends, colleagues and other people in the surroundings, the environment in which a person lives also plays a significant role in keeping us healthy.