Irfan Noorani, Mumbai, India,
India’s First Officer who became a Clarity Coach,
(Popularly known as The Clarity-Man),
An Author & A Speaker.

Such a phenomenal deep work that Ravi has done which clearly reflects in his
book. Although I have done fasting several times and a huge fan of it from a
health perspective I was absolutely amazed to know the deeper history of how it’s been prevalent for centuries, also the food, mind, and body connect. More
importantly, my understanding of the health benefits from this book has further strengthened my beliefs about fasting for greater health. Thanks, Ravi for your detailed study and value in this book I am certain the one who is curious to begin fasting for healthy living will get on the right path after reading this.


Gemini Dhar, Mumbai, India,
A Take-Charge Expert, An Author,
A Global Entrepreneur & An International Speaker.

This book is a treasure for someone looking for wealth. This sentence sums up the entire gist of the book Dr Ravi mentions “In my understanding for a person to achieve his or her fullest potential the physical and mental health has to be at the peak levels.”

 The most common reason for an individual to face challenges is they ignore their health while they pursue their dreams. I have worked with almost 90 per cent of women going through this challenge. This book covers those important areas, along with powerful research to give you a sneak peek into living a healthy and wealthy life through the practice of intermittent fasting. During 2020 I have has my daughter start in intermittent fasting and lose 12 plus kgs of weight without losing her health and energy  I believe, as a Gujarati kid I did all those things that are mentioned in this book and as a result, did not suffer from many ailments later in my life. This book Truly is an eye-opener and a must for every woman as she builds the health habits of her young ones in the early years.


Avani Pandya, Founder of Meditative Milan,
International Teacher Trainer, A Wellness and
A Chopra Center Certified Meditation Teacher,
A Researcher, An Educator, A Speaker,
Masters in Biotechnology and Masters in Molecular Biology.

Being a physician and with additional training in
nutritional studies, Dr. Ravi has shone a luminous light
on the aeon old practice of fasting. It’s an extremely
thorough yet simplistically-explained, valuable-resource,
for a novice needing an affirmation to start a journey of
their well-being. Or, for someone who has fallen off the
bandwagon to see all the reasons one should continue to
the path of well-being through Intermittent Fasting.


Dr. Rathin Nair, Buffalo, New York,
Bsc(Computer Science), Ph.D(Data Science),
A Data Scientist & An Entrepreneur.

Upon touching my 30’s, I began to realize the importance
of following some kind of regimen in order to boost my
health and energy levels and also maintain my weight. My
biggest concerns with fasting has always been being able
to sustain energy levels; As I would need to continue work,
go to the gym, carry out chores etc. Dr. Ravi, in his latest
book has answered those questions in a very detailed way,
explained the types of workout which are recommended
during fasting and answered my key concern of muscle
wasting as well.


Sreeja Nair, Buffalo, New York, Msc(Electrical Engineering), Msc(Industrial Engineering),
A Fitness Enthusiastic & An Entrepreneur.

I was always skeptic about Intermittent Fasting, until I
read Dr. Ravi’s insights on it. I cannot thank him enough
for not just going into the basics of Intermittent Fasting,
but also the mindset and history of it. These key aspects
make me feel much more confident in trying it out now.
This book is not just for the experienced Intermittent
Faster but also for the beginner alike!


Jignesh Patel, Dahod, India,
BE Mechatronics Engineering,
An Author & A Transformation Coach.

This book gave me enough reasons to start Intermittent
Fasting. It made me realize how simple it is to start taking
care of my health by following these easy to understand


Mr. Nilam Doctor & Ruchi Doctor

Ruchi Doctor, Ahmedabad, India,
An Author – Make the World Listen to You,
A Publisher, An Art Curator, A Music Agent,A Business Coach, Global Black Diamond Director-
Modicare Ltd India.

I was born in a devout Jain family. I had seen the practice
of fasting on various occasions in the family. Dr. Ravi, has
delved on the subject eruditely and may go a long way in
the world of alternative medicine.
I wish him success.

Nilam Doctor, Ahmedabad, India,
A Blockchain & Crypto Expert.

The book is an outcome of remarkable clarity, knowledge
and understanding of how fasting can help us to remain
healthy without medicines. Dedication of Dr. Ravi towards
“Healthy Living” and commitment towards wellness is
worth appreciating.


Shubham Agrawal, Vadodara, India,
MSW(Master in Social Work),
An Entrepreneur & A Transformation Coach.

First of all, I thank Dr. Ravi to introduce me to this amazing
concept. When we were practicing Intermittent Fasting
it was a magical moment for us. It has given us immense
energy in daily performance and an abundance of both time
and energy in day-to-day life, as Dr. Ravi has explained in
his book. Through this book lots of lives can be saved and we
will able to re-energize and heal our body as a new one.


Muralilal S. Saboo, Ahmedabad, India,
Former Director of First Flight Couriers Ltd,
Life Transformational Coach.

Dr. Ravi is a great human being and a benevolent person.
I am very excited to see his book on Intermittent Fasting.
I was not aware about this concept until I read this book
thoroughly. In this book he comprehends about disciplined
food-habits which everyone should try. He apprises the
readers about various ancient fasting practices. This
book signifies why fasting must be practised not only for
benefits in spiritual or religious purposes, but also gaining
several advantages physically and mentally. This book
has inspired me and I am excited to practice Intermittent
Fasting in daily life to see great results.
I wish this book becomes a great success for Dr. Ravi.


Sriram Prayaga, Ahmedabad, India, Bsc(Physics),
A Retired Tourism Professional-Government of India,
A Lecturer & Trainer in Tourism & Hospitality Skill
Council, Govt. of India, A Life Coach.

Dr. Ravi is doing what he knows best by sharing his
knowledge and liking to everything that is natural.
Secondly, he has specialized in Public Health. His grasp
on Intermittent Fasting is excellent and has explained it in
detail step-by-step. Co-relating nature, today’s habits and
the environment is his forte, which he shows in this book.
The way he has explained the values of almost all foods
available is remarkable.
He has shown the importance of fasting through ages in
an exemplary manner. He has given us a reason as to why
we should fast, by taking us along with him from almost
stone age to the present day. His examples from all possible
religions are excellent.

The methodology for fasting, it’s benefits are fantastic.
What I liked was he has used his coaching habits and
combined it with his medical knowledge to come out with
I wish him all the best and am sure this book will be
accepted very well.


Dr. Ravindran K.A., New Delhi, India,
B.Com, LL.B, MA, Ph.D. (HR Management Professional), An Author & A Life Coach.

I’m glad I decided to write this testimonial for the much-
needed book on a very relevant topic. It is very muchrequired for an in-disciplined food-habit population that
exists today. It’s written in a very simple language that
everyone can understand. There are not much complicated
medical words used in this book, so that anyone can read
and understand very well and practice.
As we all know that our ancient generations used this
technique of fasting, however, it was restricted to religious/
spiritual activity. It was never considered as a healthy habit
or practice and transferred or protected the culture.

Dr. Ravi has put his insights in this book beautifully about
fasting and its benefits to the human body. A healthy body
can have a healthy mind and both a healthy mind and
body can only deliver the best output. To ensure this, the
Author has given a great tool to implement the learnings,
which I consider is a very practical approach. The famous
quote says; “Knowledge is potential power, Knowledge
without action is like a bird without wings”. This is what
exactly Dr. Ravi has applied as a tool to implement in this
We will get the answers to ourselves and go through the list
of food products that are recommended to be consumed
on daily basis for healthy living and longevity. This list
includes nutritional value and therefore, it is very handy
to use.
This well-researched collection of data is aptly put
forward to make relevance in each chapter. This book is
for everyone who would like to lead their life healthy and
long. This book not only helps us to live healthily but also
live a long life like Blue Zones longevity mentioned in the
book (Chapter-4).
This book is filled with useful insights and practical pieces
of advice. Do yourself a favor. Read this book and live the
rest of your life healthily!
I am glad to see his first book and impressed by his writing
style and research datas.
I wish him success in his future book-writings.


Om Patel, Toronto, Canada, Bsc(Computer Science),
A Nutritional Coach & An Entrepreneur.

I use Intermittent Fasting regularly; To better control my
food and false hunger cravings; Improve mental clarity
during work hours; And take advantage of short windows
of pure fat burning. That being said, I’m always looking
for ways to better understand the history and science
behind something such as fasting, which some consider
a phenomenon today, yet it has been found and practised
throughout the history of mankind. Dr. Ravi articulates
the full spectrum of fasting, from science to religion
from ancient practises to modern practises. This is a
must read for anyone who wishes to gain a foundational
understanding of what Fasting is, why it has survived the
test of time, and how it can benefit them personally if
done through a holistic approach.


Dr. Krushit Patel, PharmD, ICU Pharmacy Intern,
University of Utah- Westridge Clinic
Primary Children’s Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am very happy to see someone with such a broad base
of knowledge is taking a step to help the society. The idea
of publishing his work on Intermittent Fasting shows Dr.
Ravi Patel’s true dedication to the healthcare. This book is
not only trying to give some valuable tips and strategies to
use Intermittent Fasting for better health but also provides
the non-traditional ways that can be used as an alternative
method for weight loss and a healthier body. The chapters
are structurally laid out to help the beginners to the
advanced level users.
Being a healthcare professional myself and working in an
ICU; I know exactly what role adequate nutrition plays
in healing. With the in-depth research, consultations and
proven results, Dr. Ravi has laid out a plan in this book
that can ensure nothing but success towards your goal of
a healthier mind and body.

I wish him all the best for his extraordinary compilation
of this masterpiece.


Dr. Arun K. Sharma, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India,
A Physician, An Author of 58 book titles,
A Poet, A Music Composer & A Philanthropist.

It was nothing short of serendipity, credibility and
authenticity proved to be sterling; As he happened to be a
very fine clinician and a commendable human, my friend
and a highly respected member of my clinical fraternity,
Dr. Sudhanshu Patwari DM (Gastroenterology and
Hematology). One cannot doubt a disciple of a maestro,
like Pandit Ravi Shankar; Accordingly, no one can doubt
the clinical excellence of a student of Dr. Patwari. The
master must have well-honed his disciple Dr. Ravi Patel.
Ravi has put the nectar of tradition, nature and the science
of the twentieth century. The distillate is his labor of love,
this treatise of partial fasting.

Indeed, fasting has been part of Indian culture for various
reasons, right from the teaching of the great seers and the
sages of the yore, to the father of our nation, Mahatma
Gandhi. Indeed, fasting in alternative pathies is an age-old
practice. Now and then, several reputed medical journals
have tried to opine on the effects of fasting.
It is always a joy to see and read works by a clinician. It is
commendable that a clinician who is often so very pressed
by his breathless, clinical demands, squeezes time out to
do his duty with his pen, and brings out the nectar of his
experience; In this case, it is Dr. Ravi Patel.
I am impressed by his efforts and wish him success in his
future scientific-writings.


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