Dr. Ravi A. Patel, MD, MPH

A Physician,

An Author,

A Health-Coach &

An Entrepreneur

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is my passionate venture along with the medical profession. This is to contribute innovatively for improving the health care statistics. It is also to deal with a lot of preventable communicable and non-communicable diseases that can limitedly addressed inside the hospital setup.


  1. Run a NGO- Maanav Swayamsevak Foundation to help prevent common diseases.

2. Member of School of Financial Freedom in India to help people achieve financial freedom in their lives.

3. Member of Britt World Wide-USA to help people achieve financial freedom in their lives in lives.


At the NGOMaanav Swayamsevak Foundation
(March 2019 – Until Now)

  • Trustee meetings in the initial phases.
  • Free health camp at Sarkhej potters community, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  • Community profiling along with the free health camp at the potters community to assess the realistic needs of the community and plan projects according.ly.
  • Using education and literature as an important tool to reach out to the community.
  • Creating innovative ideas to deal with the contemporary health issues.

School of Financial Freedom-India
(Nov 2020 – Until now)
-Reaching out to close circle of people initially to help them achieve financial freedom through an innovative programme “The Unstoppable You”. As a doctor i promote healthy living. We all know how weak financial status affects our life and creates stress in all areas of our lives. With stress in our life our health can be adversely affected.

-Through “The Unstoppable You” programme we also help people to discover their true self, create a real identity. Alongside we also help them to identify negative and positive thought patterns that are impacting their lives. This allows them to imbibe only the positive thought patterns that takes them to success and overcome negative patterns that become hinderance in their journey towards a successful life. Again as a doctor my participation in the school of freedom is to promote healthy living.

Britt World Wide-USA(Education system to achieve financial freedom)
(6th Dec 2020 – Until Now)

-Being presently in USA and pursing further specialization in Neuropsychiatry I joined this school to learn to achieve financial freedom and teach others how to achieve financial freedom. Again this is also to promote healthy living by creating abundance and financial freedom.

Association with I-Create, Gujarat, India

-Associated to incubate startup innovative ideas for the contemporary problems.

-Presented a startup idea at EarthX hackathon in 2019 to deal with problem of 35% water loss from the water reservoir.