Impact of Human Relationships On Physical and Mental Health

It is said that if you want to observe how your mind reacts or responds then it can be best observed when you interact or communicate with some person. In these human relationships there is a huge potential for us to mirror ourselves and REJOICE WHO REALLY ARE! AND EXCLUDE ALL THAT WE ARE NOT! REJOICING WHO WE ARE AND NEGATING ALL THAT WE ARE NOT THESE BOTH ARE MEANS TO MIRRORING AT LOOKING AT WHO WE REALLY ARE!

If we look at human relationships, child to adult, adult to child, adult to adult and child to child relationships. Each has it’s own dynamic expression but just simply when we interact we don’t realize this as the actual interaction happens very spontaneously and effortlessly no matter how much we resist, the human instinct to socialize is inbuilt in our brains and Genes. Dynamic in the sense there are so many factors playing role at the paychological level. Memory, Intelligence, Emotions, Moods, Social factors, desires, imagination, beliefs, other socio-economic factors that shapes our mental structure, traditions that define our ways of living, how our brains and minds have been shaped by residing in certain environment or nation, etc etc. The way these dynamic human relations are handled determines how healthy a person is going to be in near future. They must be nurtured with Sensitivity, Carefulness and Utmost Attention and Consciousness! This is a sure way to good health.

Child to adult, adult to child, child to child relationships are full of energy, playful, always open to receive and learn new things from the surrounding! These relationships are fresh like recently budded flowers and leaves of a plant and any resistant or hesitant person can get carried away easily by the divine innocence in this relationship and tap into the infinite energy of the Universe and experience the creation the creation of the nature itself. There are hardly any psychological conflicts in these relationships unless some child is born with some genetic diseases or mental disorder that’s creates an unhealthy atmosphere at home due to the challenges that family members has to face along with the child. Even in a dysfunctional family a child can miraculously ease out the adult to adult conflicts and create a healthy atmosphere.

Adult to adult relationships are more integrated. They are like a big trunk of a big banyan tree that’s harbours the branches, the leaves, the fruits and flowers on the tree. These relationships are a little rigid but still a strong expression of the natures strength and a means to experience the creation of nature. Adults must use their intellect(mind) in order to survive in the society which makes them prone to a rigid mental structure and less flexible to the life forces and REAL LIFE ITSELF. This ridigity could be a source or conflict in their relationships with fellow beings and lead to unhealthy lifestyles and behaviours. Research has proven that 80% of the physical illnesses are psychosomatic in nature, meaning if we explore the root causes of all the diseases that could have been prevented there is some carelessness, some wrong thinking pattern, some wrong and unhealthy behaviour attached; that had lead to the illness over the period of time.

2 thoughts on “Impact of Human Relationships On Physical and Mental Health”

  1. Very good analysis
    You should have given brief note about the main characteritics of Child. Parent and Adult as the success of your interpersonal communication /Transaction largely depends on your skill to know with whom you are talking? Child: Parent or Adult
    Unless your Reader knows this he will not appreciate your detailed analysis


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