Implementation of DIET and EXERCISE in Our Daily Routine!

Being born and blessed with healthy and disease free genes is a great FORTUNE in itself and then comes all the wealth of the world to feel lucky about. A lot of people just take this fact for granted that they were born and blessed with a healthy and disease free GENES. We must realize that this is not a simple thing. If we are born with such a healthy state it reflects how our parents and ancestors have protected our genes by living such a great and disciplined life! Our HEARTS and MINDS MUST BE filled with gratitude for the divine creation and to our parents and ancestors. Along with the GRATITUDE it is also our RESPONSIBILITY to take utmost care of what we are blessed! There are two very important things when it comes to health that WE MUST focus on to TAKE CARE OF WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ALREADY BLESSED WITH , and they are DIET AND EXERCISE!

There is so much hype going on about Diet and Exercise as more and more people become health conscious and so, it is ironic when we hear or read words like DIET AND EXERCISE they may seem like some modern or recently adopted concept. This happens because human mind likes change so it always seek for fancy ideas and concepts overlooking some of the fundamentals. Eating healthy and balanced food is a basic thing and exercising physical body(not necessarily going to gym) but in some or the other way doing daily physical exertions to maintain internal and external body structures is something we humans having been doing it since the primitive ages effortlessly. To do this we require consistency and self-discipline in following proper time table. But today In the process of incessant seeking of fancy ways of living, we keep on creating new ideas in our minds about health ignoring the underlying basics. Thus the consistency and implementation of some fundamentals in our routine life is compromised. What we need to nurture is the consistency and self discipline in consuming proper diet and ABOVE ALL IMPLEMENT IN OUR DAILY ROUTINE!

We have all the knowledge of what kind of food to eat, when to eat, when not to eat etc. so i won’t be discussing that in this post but through this post i only want want to emphasize to all readers “BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU ARE BLESSED WITH, PROTECT WHAT ARE BLESSED WITH AND ENSURE YOU IMPLEMENT ALL THE THINGS NEEDED TO PROTECT WHAT YOU ARE BLESSED WITH”

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