Impact of Human Relationships On Physical and Mental Health

It is said that if you want to observe how your mind reacts or responds then it can be best observed when you interact or communicate with some person. In these human relationships there is a huge potential for us to mirror ourselves and REJOICE WHO REALLY ARE! AND EXCLUDE ALL THAT WE ARE NOT! REJOICING WHO WE ARE AND NEGATING ALL THAT WE ARE NOT THESE BOTH ARE MEANS TO MIRRORING AT LOOKING AT WHO WE REALLY ARE!

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How To Keep Our Mind Healthy?

To define Mind is a intricate task, as the mind has so many aspects to describe and there is no definite set of idea and knowledge to exactly pin point out Mind. There is no doubt about our physical body as it is very apparent to our senses. With regards to our Mind our idea about Mind is based on experience, experience of our thought processes, thinking patterns, emotions that evoke, dreams that we see during our sleeping hours etc. Mind being a very complex element in any persons life a lot of people face major challenges in their routine life to deal with the mind. Normally it is supposed to be our conscious being/ True inner self that should guide and direct the mind for all our life activities but due to lack of proper knowledge and awareness our mind turns mechanical and directs all our life activities creating a chaos and unpleasantness in our life. Mind needs to be used as just one tool to guide us through the life journey.

So after exploring the basic question as to why we get stressed out and get disturbed when we face simple things in our life like having conversation with someone, at our workplace doing routine work, studying some wonderful concepts to gain knowledge, dealing with finance, in terms of relationships with parents/husband/wife/friends/colleagues, in raising children, and many different areas of our life.

Is this how our life is supposed to be?

Is this how our precious time and energy be spent in all the unnecessary mental chaos so far away from the REAL AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE?

Isn’t this life supposed to be lived JOYFULLY? Every Moment? instead of undergoing all these stress turmoils of emotional hurts and ego conflicts in our relationships with our fellow beings and in relationships with the external world that we live in living or non living by getting influenced by all the likes and dislikes our mind and dividing the world in good and bad thereby being in continuous inner conflict that leads to stress in the mind?

How would our life situations be if we rejoice everything that we do no matter how small the task be? Shouldn’t we realize and experience for REAL the beauty of having human relationships- parents/husband/wife/brother/sister/friends/colleagues, and not just human relationships also rejoicing our relationship with the surrounding living or nonliving, our relationship with the sunrise, our relationship with the birds flying in the sky, our relationship with the sky, the soil, the trees around, the air we breathe in, the water we drink, and all the wonderful things on this planet earth, having meaningful and great conversations with fellow beings that strengthen the human bonding, gaining knowledge that elevates our spirit to live life to the fullest, doing business and deal with the money for personal and family security, in raising children so they can be future great human beings and contribute great things to the society, etc etc. ??????????????


1. First thing is to attune yourself, your physical body and mind with the nature/the existence/the creation! This will ensure a blissful life NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATIONS OF YOUR LIFE!

2. To write a daily diary of THINGS TO DO AND TASKS ACHIEVED!- Doing so helps us keep our mind focused and organized. We do not want to put too many memories in our mind and brain so we miss our eyesight for the high priority tasks.

3. To know different aspects of our Mind by reading high quality literature and to understand it well so we can handle different situations of life joyfully and with ease! Here i suggest all to read “THE ENNEAGRAM SYSTEM” BY G.I GURDJIEF, its a brilliant system to understand human beings at the deepest possible levels! This is a great treasure if one understands it well and imbibes it! 4. After knowing these different aspects of our Mind the next thing is to be with this awareness always and grow in this awareness.

5. To understand the dynamics of human relationships. Our relations with fellow beings determines the quality of our life. We could become miserable or transform in to the highest potential being, it all depends on how SENSITIVELY, CAREFULLY AND LOVINGLY we handle our relationships with fellow beings!

6. Nurture the habit of reading and writing daily to take care of our BEAUTIFUL CASTLE/THE MIND! We must ensure what seeds we put in our mind. These seeds are the thoughts that we put in our mind.

7. After understanding the dynamics of human relationships it is important we stay integrated with our personal, social, and professional lives.

8. Always ensure you live your life to the fullest by maintaining a little distance between your true inner self and the mind, all your senses and mind in complete state of integrity with your inner self! This way you are the director of your film, the captain of the ship and pilot of your aircraft and not a Robot!

Implementation of DIET and EXERCISE in Our Daily Routine!

Being born and blessed with healthy and disease free genes is a great FORTUNE in itself and then comes all the wealth of the world to feel lucky about. A lot of people just take this fact for granted that they were born and blessed with a healthy and disease free GENES. We must realize that this is not a simple thing. If we are born with such a healthy state it reflects how our parents and ancestors have protected our genes by living such a great and disciplined life! Our HEARTS and MINDS MUST BE filled with gratitude for the divine creation and to our parents and ancestors. Along with the GRATITUDE it is also our RESPONSIBILITY to take utmost care of what we are blessed! There are two very important things when it comes to health that WE MUST focus on to TAKE CARE OF WHAT WE HAVE BEEN ALREADY BLESSED WITH , and they are DIET AND EXERCISE!

There is so much hype going on about Diet and Exercise as more and more people become health conscious and so, it is ironic when we hear or read words like DIET AND EXERCISE they may seem like some modern or recently adopted concept. This happens because human mind likes change so it always seek for fancy ideas and concepts overlooking some of the fundamentals. Eating healthy and balanced food is a basic thing and exercising physical body(not necessarily going to gym) but in some or the other way doing daily physical exertions to maintain internal and external body structures is something we humans having been doing it since the primitive ages effortlessly. To do this we require consistency and self-discipline in following proper time table. But today In the process of incessant seeking of fancy ways of living, we keep on creating new ideas in our minds about health ignoring the underlying basics. Thus the consistency and implementation of some fundamentals in our routine life is compromised. What we need to nurture is the consistency and self discipline in consuming proper diet and ABOVE ALL IMPLEMENT IN OUR DAILY ROUTINE!

We have all the knowledge of what kind of food to eat, when to eat, when not to eat etc. so i won’t be discussing that in this post but through this post i only want want to emphasize to all readers “BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU ARE BLESSED WITH, PROTECT WHAT ARE BLESSED WITH AND ENSURE YOU IMPLEMENT ALL THE THINGS NEEDED TO PROTECT WHAT YOU ARE BLESSED WITH”