Health & Performance

Good health have 2 components. One is optimum physical condition and another is psychological. Everyone knows and realizes how important it is to keep our physical body in good condition for longetivity. This health consciousness has been running through many many generations and we can still remember how our ancestors use to do home remedies for common illnesses. Some of us even practice these home remedies till date. In comparison, this contemporary time being so advance in science and technology most folks are super conscious about physical health. However, psychological health is ignored and not realized by most as one key factor to our peak performance in whatever we do and our longetivity.

The question is how can psychological health determine our performace and affect different areas of our life?

For us to function at our best we require a complete synchrony between our mind and body. A good comparison of mind and body is with computer setup, where monitor screen is the body and the CPU is the mind. If CPU that guides and intructs what to display on screen doesnot give right instrutions all the wierd things will start popping up on the computer screen. The wierd things here could be related to the diseases that manifest over the period of time in body. So we can corelate how strange appearance of things on screen has deep rooted issues in the CPU. It is also possible that there is something wrong in the screen, this wronghappening in the screen can be compared to the genetic diseases and physical disabilities manifested due to some physical trauma like a vehicular accident.

Mind is a very complex element of our life as it has so many aspects. Body is well tuned with life, so we need not worry much about it as it follows obediently what the mind says. But handling mind is triky. The process of synchronizing mind with the body requires some efforts. Once we achieve a state where our mind is attend to body we become more integrated. In this integrity there is energy, focus, creativity and intelligence. After establishing this rhythm between the mind and body we have formed a good foundation for performing or living life to the fullest.


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